Loyalty programs and complex CRM projects
Creation, management and analysis of customer databases
Omnichannel marketing campaigns
Launching and support of promotional campaigns
Loyalty programs and complex CRM projects Creation, management and analysis of customer databases Omnichannel marketing campaigns Launching and support of promotional campaigns
Loyalty programs and complex CRM projects

We focus on real needs of your business and create practical and cost-effective loyalty programs from strategy to implementation.

Our attractive techniques of customer involvement and rewards will help you to establish successful communication with your customers.

  • ROI
    Before we launch a project, we estimate its probable costs and ROI dynamics using economic modeling.
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    We use personal profiles and unique IDs to track and adjust consumer behavior.
  • ID
    Both numerical parameters and economic KPIs (CPC, CPA, CPR, and CLV segmentation) are applied to evaluate the effectiveness of our projects.
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    At the stage of strategic planning, we divide the database and assign special vectors of development for every segment.
  • KPI
    We choose special bonus strategies based on the motivation of segments with maximum source of business potential.
More repeat purchases

Loyalty programs give the best shoppers of your brand an incentive to visit stores more often.

More customer referrals

Loyalty marketing is an efficient tool of customer motivation and attraction. It was confirmed that customers, who were advised by friends, have a 37% higher CRR and generate two times more sales than those who saw an advertising banner.

Real comments

A correctly planned motivational program can convince buyers to leave comments about their positive experience with the purchase and use of your brand. This in turn can attract new customers, because more than 92% of people read online reviews before purchase.

Creation, management and analysis of customer databases

We create, analyze, and manage databases for our clients.

  • KPI

    We aggregate user data from various channels from websites to cash register systems, verify them, and create a unified customer database.

    Unique IDs allow tracking of all actions of users in different channels; further analysis of these data enables effective segmentation and clustering in order to make communication more personal.

    Why does it work?

    Customer databases and customer knowledge are crucial assets for any company; they should be managed carefully and effectively. Accumulated data on behavioral habits of customers allow us to establish super personalized communication and make individual promotional offers at appropriate moments. The analysis of the accumulated knowledge may help you to introduce new products and services into market. You will know exactly what your customers need.

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    INBRIEF as a personal data processor

    Our agency is officially listed in the Registry of Personal Data Processors of Roskomnadzor with no. 12-0244940. We employ an in-house lawyer, who specializes in the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data (FZ no. 152).

Omnichannel marketing campaigns

We create omnichannel systems for personalized interactions with customers, which encompass all points of contact and function as a single entity at all stages.

We give your customer an opportunity to receive information and engage in communication with your brand, or to purchase using the most convenient channel in a given moment.

A unique ID helps us to assess the dynamics of every single client, as well as his potential, trends, and the risk of negative changes in his behavior.

We provide
  • Comprehensive management of customer databases and information on customer behavior
  • Flexible unrestricted approach to the creation of target groups
  • Detailed history of transactions
  • Accumulation of data obtained from social media
  • Creation of multidimensional and dynamic segments / levels of participation
  • Multilevel hierarchy of accounts
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Why does it work?
  • We focus on customers, not on products.
  • Identification of the most profitable segments and offering them the best customer value increases revenue per customer.
  • We choose optimal channels in respect of value for company and value for customer ratio and optimize the costs of promotion.
Launching and support of promotional campaigns

We develop strategies and manage integrated multichannel promotional campaigns for consumer activation from code promos to the creation of digital platforms.

Promotional events

We organize creativity contests and self-running promotional activities, including registration of purchases and tracking interactive actions of consumers.

We establish engaging communication with consideration for specificity of various segments, optimal communication channels, and optimal type and amount of reward for every consumer.

Direct marketing

We launch personal and segment trigger campaigns through digital channels from emails to bot chats in instant messages.

According to the developed strategy of communication, we perform effective segmentation of databases, create a unique design of mass mailing, use responsive HTML, and adjust trigger and transactional messages.

Digital platforms

We create branded and non-branded media platforms, generate user traffic, engage customers in communication, and track their activity.

To engage customers, we develop a communication strategy and create unique content, which is then distributed on digital platforms. You can include branded messages into the content initially ‘approved’ by a consumer and personally interesting for him.

We will help you to control your community using involving??techniques, and will provide reports on their effectiveness.

We use
  • Involvement Rate (IR) assessment system
  • A system of tests and regular surveys to understand behavioral patterns of consumers
  • Identification of personality types of consumers
  • Analysis of databases, segmentation, and cluster analysis
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Why does it work?
  • We offer consumers interesting content and engage them in communication. This adds value to your products and services and develops emotional bonds between the consumer and your brand.
  • Customers provide feedback, which enriches their personal profiles with new data and allows us to create relevant individual promotional offers and stimulate purchases.
  • Insights from users help to choose the correct path of the development of your products and services.
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