CRM campaign to promote repeat purchases
Infiniti - is a well-known car brand, which belongs to Japanese company Nissan Motor. It is represented in 35 countries; Russia was the first European market, where Infiniti was officially presented in 2006.

Increase the probability of repeat purchase of Infiniti cars

Objective: Stimulate the audience loyal to the brand (owners of 2-3 year old Infiniti cars) to visit a dealer and to test drive a car from a new model range.
Our solution
To organize a set of family events in dealerships in twelve Russian cities. Special invitations and personal gifts were prepared; owners of Infiniti car could create their own unique kaleidoscope design of a T-shirt on a specially developed promotional page.
Main tools of the campaign
Promotional website
With a possibility to create a unique design of a gift from Infiniti
A series of trigger emails
Integrated with data on mailings on EffiCRM platform
Organization of events on the day of test drive
Implementation of the campaign included several stages:
Stage 1
At the first stage, we updated databases of Infiniti customers, segmented them and shaped a target group of car owners.
Stage 2
We created a promotional website for test drive registration; the registration form allowed to make a unique design of a T-shirt with a kaleidoscope image composed of parts of an Infiniti car. Users could get their T-shirts at the event; this eventually persuaded them to participate.
Stage 3

The following step was to attract maximum number of users to the website. We developed and implemented a strategy of direct marketing, which included a series of emails to all owners of 2 year old Infiniti cars. These persons were invited to visit the event in a dealership and received trigger notifications about their personal gift on the day of test drive.

To ensure the best result, call center operators called all customers in the database, who had not responded to emails.

of the owners in the database ordered a T-shirt
of the participants attended the test drive event

The verification of customer database and its narrow segmentation enabled the successful integration of multiple channels of communication in one platform.

The campaign led to the achievement intended client involvement and stimulated repeat purchases of Infiniti cars.