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Client: Ahmad Tea Ltd

Loyalty program for FMCG brand
Ahmad Tea is a tea company based in London, England. The company produces a range of tea bags, loose teas and gifts including: black tea, green tea, flavoured teas, and herbal teas. Ahmad Tea distributes to over 80 countries on six continents.

To improve sales by the promotion of loyalty and knowledge about Ahmad products.

Objective: Stimulate the audience loyal to the brand by creating personalized communication
We developed a new loyalty program based on our EffiCRM Loyalty platform. The program included a comprehensive set of tools for personalization of communication with consumers and varied instruments of deep web-analytics.
Personal profile of a user for enhanced data collection
Programmed system of SMS- and email-triggers
Special interface for deep behavioral analytics
Engaging communicative instruments and promo-offers
Stage 1
First we created a strategy with special CRM-policies and trigger email-system in order to stimulate desired user actions.
Stage 2
According to developed CRM-policies we programmed and customized our CRM-platform. Simultaneously we prepared a special set of messages for the participants and their automatic sending.
Ahmad line
More than
80 000
New participants
More than 20%
Unique users took part
in the competition
About 36%
Users used their bonus