Client: Libero (SCA)

Creation of hybrid CRM platform
Libero - is a brand of products for child hygiene. It belongs to SCA, one of the world leaders in the field of personal care products and forest industry.

To increase sales of branded products and to establish communication with the target audience in order to increase loyalty and emotional involvement.

Objective: To build a unified CRM platform for regular promotional activities on the product website It was required to use the current global platform of the company.
Our solution
To create a CRM platform, which would connect the promotional website and the global platform in real time, and ensure quick adjustment of all marketing activities, in compliance to the Russian Federal Law no. 152, and corporate requirements of our client.
The project included two stages.
Stage 1
We customized the EffiCRM platform to manage regular promotional events, accumulate all data about participants, and transfer them to the database on the global platform.
Stage 2
Additionally, we developed a strategy of trigger email communication with registered participants, which included activation, informational and product messages.
More than five promotional events
were based on the customized platform
More than
50 0000
unique users were added to the database

Due to the integrated CRM strategy, we successfully introduced all required functions to the platform and managed to stimulate repeat consumption by automated personal promotional events.