Client: YA Juice
(PepsiCo, Inc.)

Development of YA in the Big City loyalty program
YA - is a premium brand of 100% juices and nectars in PepsiCo, Inc. portfolio. It has one of the broadest product lines in the premium segment of the Russian market.

To increase sales of YA juices

Objective: To create a new communication platform for the brand, which would improve its general recognition and provide effective loyalty management.
Our solution
To create a universal ecosystem for the development of cross-channel communication with final consumers. It was focused on a creative website ( with unique branded and user content.
Implementation of the campaign consisted of several stages:
Stage 1
On our EffiCRM platform, we created a back-end system to accumulate, process, and analyze all actions of customers in order to assess the consumption in various segments. Purchasers were actively involved with special techniques and a catalogue of guaranteed prizes, which were maximally interesting for loyal customers and motivated others.
Stage 2
Social CRM module performed main tracking and rewarding of user activity in four networking services (invite a friend, share content from the website, download content, and participate in contests).
Stage 3

We motivated target behavior of participants through a combination of bonus points. There were two types of bonuses: for the confirmation of purchase and for the participation in branded activities.

Additionally, we launched a system of trigger and segment promotional offers. Attractive personal offers were made in segments with a potential for development.

Stages of Instagram contest:
on using Instagram profile
Placing photos
The magic of Paris gastronomy #yaiinthecity #вкуспарижа
Voting for the best photo
for the winners of the contest (iPad Mini)
persons registered and engaged
in interactive communication
of them actively participated of loyalty program,
collected points and received prizes
branded publications on Instagram were seen by almost

The creation of this ecosystem according to our integrated CRM strategy resulted in a unique campaign, which motivated repeat consumption of the product, engaged users in interactive branded communication, and increased the share of real customers in the accumulated database.