Client: Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Creation of For health benefit loyalty card program
Takeda Pharmaceuticals - is the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry represented in more than 70 countries.

To increase the presence in the fields of endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiovascular disturbances, oncology, and metabolic diseases.

  • To improve sales by the promotion of loyalty and knowledge about Takeda products.
  • To collect customer data in order to enable personalized communication.
Our solution
We developed a mono-brand discount program with compulsory association of loyalty card purchases with the phone number or email of the card holder. The program included a comprehensive set of tools for personalization of communication with consumers.
Advantages of the program:
Progressive discount
The discount rate depended on the sum of all previous purchases made in different pharmacy chains, which effectively promoted involvement and loyalty
Association of cards with their holders
All purchases made by participants were included into their personal profiles. This transformed ‘anonymous’ transactions into a tool of personal communication
Convenience for participants
Instead of registration questionnaires, cards could be activated online, by SMS, or by phone
Real-time online statistics
Real-time online statistics
We developed a unique path to the program that changed consumer behavior regarding repeat store purchases.
Stage 1
At the initial stage, a customer received ‘inactive’ 5% discount card after the first purchase. If he used the discount for one month, he was entitled to activate the card online.
Stage 2
During the following stage, registered and activated card provided 10-20% discount as an incentive for further purchases.
Stage 3

The key aspect of the implementation of the program was to apply various tools and channels of communication. We placed POSM in all stores, organized trainings for pharmacists about the loyalty program, designed booklets and plastic cards for participants and For health benefit website (, and organized SMS and email marketing to every participant. The data were generated on our CRM platform.

The number of purchases of expensive drugs
by the participants of the program increased twofold
of all issued discount cards
were activated and used
participants made repeat purchases within
a month after the first purchase

With the loyalty program For health benefit, Takeda managed to establish direct communication with the final consumer, which is usually hard to achieve in the pharmaceutical industry. In this unique program, we managed to merge six different pharmacy chains into one loyalty program by online generation of the data on transactions on our CRM platform.