Client: Pizza Hut

Creation of a customized CRM platform for automated multichannel communication with customers.
Pizza Hut - is the largest pizza chain in the world. The brand belongs to Yum! Brands, Inc. and is represented by more than 15,000 restaurants in 110 countries.

To increase the average bill value and order frequency

A prerequisite of fast and successful business development in Russia is full automatization of all processes. Therefore, we set the following objective to achieve the goal.

Objective: To develop a platform for the accumulation, processing and storage of data from different channels in a unified system. The platform should provide a possibility to segment the obtained customer database in order to implement key communication techniques.
Our solution
We proposed EffiCRM as a platform for automatization
of marketing activities. It was developed by InBrief
and fully adapted for specific goals of Pizza Hut.
The system included four functional modules:
A set of parameters to segment the guests into groups in order to optimize the offer
Promotional events
Main techniques of communication with guests (coupons, triggers, referrals) aimed to increase the average bill value
Instant messenger
Sending messages to subscribed guests through all available channels of communication
Modified online reports on required parameters with a possibility to export reports to Excel and to compare several campaigns in one table
The implementation of the campaign included several stages:
Stage 1
At the first stage, we merged data streams from all channels available in Pizza Hut, from cash registers to company website and online ordering system.
Stage 2
Next, we segmented groups of customers for further activation and mailing, and described main parameters of the campaign such as time, conditions a customer should meet, way and type of rewarding (bonuses or products), necessity of creation and use of coupons. After adjustment of triggers, the system automatically tracked potential participants and sent them notifications.
Stage 3

At the third stage, we used our platform to create and send individual offers to every customer. It was possible to choose a template, and to edit text and picture.

We planned email and SMS marketing, in-app push notifications and messages to member accounts for all segments and events. There was a possibility to collect statistical data on bonuses and coupons.
During the campaign, average bill value
was 50% higher compared to non-event orders
Sales with delivery on
website increased by 30%

A complex approach to omnichannel communication made it possible to create a platform with all necessary functions including 24/7 online reports available in all devices.

Multiple CRM policies and predicative analytics of consumer behavior allowed us to make special individual offers for EVERY customer.